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Who we are

We are a company with 25 years of track record, leading the industry with our technological platform that focus on work force efficiency as well as capturing data and records for decision making. We have an amazing workflow and  corporate culture.

Why we are

We have all been there (site manager), done that (managing site teams) and we know the challenges you face. We are here to solve all your frustration and give you back control.

Where you are

Are you seeking something different? Is your current company not giving you enough support (if any)? You feel lonely on site, not knowing where or when the support will come.

How it starts

We conduct intensive HR interviews  only once a month and if you are not invited this month, fret not! We are the only company who will send you a note if you are unsuccessful in your job application. So click the above green button to join us today.

Earn more

Our managers have the potential to earn an average 20% higher than competitors. Our clients recognise the value we bring to their estate and we will pass this value back to you

Supporting you

Unlike where you are, our entire company is setup to support you. To make your estate’s day to day work easier and stress free

Rocket Experience

You will not feel incremental improvement but a quantum leap (really really big difference) in your  experience working with us.

Cut the Commute, Chose where you work

Our site managers get to choose where they want to work so we get the maximum commitment from them to the estate

Connecting Teams

When you join us, you become not just one of us. Our company had spent the last 25 years building the entire eco-system. Our teams are able to leverage and share on all resources across our entire portfolio.

A good portfolio will get you an interview. A good attitude will get you the job.

Simply has one of the greatest working culture and our teams have been with us for 25 years. We have a great opportunity now for aspiring property managers and future leaders of the real estate to join our team. And no, you do not need to have experience as all trainings will be provided, but we do need you to have a good and fun attitude towards work and real estate. 

Our Scope of Service

  • Routine estate inspection and recommendation of works
  • Procurement and evaluation
  • Certification of completed works
  • Equipment life cycle monitoring
  • Enforcement of valid warranties
  • Obtain licenses and certifications
  • Coordinate works required to be performed by specialist
  • Activate Repair and Repainting consultancy
  • Enforcement of by-laws
  • Governing of SOP given to service vendors
  • Ensure contractors and vendors discharge duties in accordance to contract
  • Attendance and performance of service vendors
  • Contractors and vendors evaluation
  • Charge, receive, manage and recover payment of management and sinking fund levied by the MCST.
  • Keep proper records and account for all monies collected, income and expenditure in relation to management and maintenance of the property.
  • Arrears recovery procedure (Solicitors at the cost of MCST).
  • Liaise with appointed auditors for the audit of accounts
  • Assist on tax agents to prepare and submit tax returns
  • Attend to all correspondences
  • Deal with feedback, queries and suggestions received
  • Overview analysis of such above feedback
  • Effect insurance policies
  • Management an mainain proper records on individual units
  • Maintain and update Strata Roll
  • Sending circulars and notices
  • Convening Annual General Meeting or other General Meeting
  • Attend Council Meetings and record meeting minutes
  • Dedicated team to address to queries from your residents and service vendors when the need to clarify SOP arises
  • Assist with all SOP and by-laws communication to all occupiers
  • Library for all best practice across our portfolio

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We are a 25 year old company with amazing workflow and  corporate culture. Feel the satisfaction and make the difference with us today.

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